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Our Organisational Psychologists and Business Psychologists lead teams of researchers, academics, and data scientists.
Our rigour, acumen, people-focus, and above all, experience, mean we can innovate and adapt solutions for your workplace.

Our values drive successful HR Analytics

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People Focus

Your people’s wellbeing, performance, and potential are at the heart of everything we do.

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User Friendly

We speak plainly and turn complex issues into easy to understand tools and solutions.

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Scientific Rigour

We apply scientific understanding in a commercially pragmatic way.

Our vision is transformation with integrity

A message from our founder

“To be genuinely people-centric, HR must also be scientific.

As an HR leader transforming your business, you face endless complex choices about people. You need the HR products and data you use to inform your decisions to be valid and reliable.

But some of the most common HR tools have the least evidence behind them and fewer than 20% of organisations trust their HR data enough to use it in high-stakes decisions.

We care deeply about the wellbeing of people and about integrity in human resources practice. So, we have committed ourselves to help you make your workplace truly evidence-based.

Iain Crossing.  BSc (Hons), MAPS, CAHRI
Managing Director
Registered Psychologist


Our purpose is to help organisations make the best, fairest, and commercially smartest people decisions.