We talk often about ‘models’ in HR analytics – but what do we actually mean. This article by Mike West describes and differentiates the various concepts of ‘models’ in people analytics.

The five main types of model we talk about are:

  1. Business models
  2. Scientific models
  3. Mathematical / statistical models
  4. Data models
  5. Systems architecture models


“Over the last few weeks I have been working up a series of articles on Lean People Analytics, which I hope will eventually become a book. In these articles I frequently refer to “Models”. I realize now I have a bit a problem. The word model means different things to different people and it can mean different things in different contexts. Without defining what I mean by models I am afraid that we might not be on the same page.

Whether you are learning about Lean People Analytics or just people analytics or analytics more broadly… you either know or you will eventually know that models are central to your success. Any method of people analytics I propose is going to come back in some way to models.

So what do I mean when I say model?”


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