This Rich Cober (CHRO at MicroStrategy) article outlines four strategies HR professionals should consider to make data-driven HR work for their organisation. These strategies are:

  1. Identify what data is crucial for long-term success
  2. Take stock of the tools you have
  3. Look internally for data champions
  4. Address your team composition 

“To stay competitive in today’s constantly evolving landscape, companies find themselves at various stages along the path to being what I call an intelligent enterprise. That is, they’re navigating between how to collect data and how to broadly use that data for day-to-day operations. This is especially true for HR professionals who play a key role in today’s enterprises, tasked with identifying the employees with the right skill-set, nurturing and managing capabilities at a more macro level, with the ultimate goal of leveraging employee capabilities strategically.

HR leaders face a particular challenge with data, because there’s a ripple effect for every decision. Whether they are filling a need or identifying opportunities for growth, the holistic health of an organization often rests on the decisions made by HR – those decisions made better by the savvy use of data. Below, I’ve outlined four key strategies to make data-driven HR a reality.”

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