This article by the UK Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) shares the results of their global survey of professional perspectives on people data and people analytics.  Their key findings were:

  1. Strong people analytics culture leads to good business outcomes
  2. Visibility of data (for example via data dashboards), correlates with improved outcomes,
  3. The HR profession continues to lack the skills and confidence to undertake advanced people analytics
  4. Data protection of workforce data continues to be an important issue for all professional groups

“People analytics is a growing agenda for organisations, particularly given the rise of workplace technology that is now able to track individuals’ behaviours and provide deeper insights into their performance, productivity and well-being. The use of data in organisations to drive business and employee outcomes is expected to continue as technology further influences the world of work, and more stakeholders including investors and prospective employees show interest in people data.

To understand how people analytics is being used to understand people data, we surveyed 3,852 business professionals worldwide about their views and opinions.

Purpose of the study

We used the findings from the survey to understand:

  • how people analytics is influencing organisation-level outcomes such as performance and culture
  • how different professional groups, such as HR and finance, view the impact of people analytics
  • how capable the HR function is with people analytics and people data
  • how people analytics is being used to understand the business challenges and people risks that organisations are facing.”

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