HR Analytics

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HR Analytics: Consulting, Research, Tools, and Capability

HR Analytics Consulting

Identify, extract, integrate, and analyse your existing data from a range of HR and business sources to answer questions, predict outcomes, and solve business problems.

Recently we:

  • Predicted talent potential and employee turn-over risk using psychometric assessment, KPI, and engagement survey data.
  • Analysed 50,000 cases of leadership survey data to inform leadership, gender, and cultural diversity program design.
  • Advised an ASX10 company on which psychometric assessments to use in a talent development program based on their existing data.

HR Research Projects

Conduct research with your people and advise on the tools, programs, and assessments that will work best for your business. Research to answer a big question might be as little as a few hours work or a multi-year program.

Recently we:

  • Improved the targeting of an ASX10 company‚Äôs $180K annual spend on a diversity program.
  • Developed and improved a highly-tailored and scientifically valid and reliable engagement survey.
  • Benchmarked top-to-bottom performers using psychological predictors at different levels of seniority to target a development program.

HR Frameworks & Tools

Quickly deploy customised HR dashboards, online tools, and frameworks to improve your HR decision making. Work together in the cloud or using your existing IT systems.

Recently we:

  • Rapidly developed a simple, usable leadership competency framework using a combination of our validated behavioural content plus tailor-made components.
  • Built a graphing tool to quickly and easily compare recruitment candidates and against the leadership competency framework for an ASX10 company.
  • Improved the end-to-end recruitment and selection process for an organisation to make the questions, scoring, and psychometric assessments evidence-based, valid, and reliable.

HR Analytics Capability Consulting

Plan for the future, get your data into shape, and move up the HR Analytics capability curve to predictive HR. Create an HR Analytics roadmap that results in meaningful, actionable insights.

Recently we:

  • Provided support to an internal analytics team to use the right HR constructs and measures in their analyses.
  • Helped an HR Director map out a 3-year roadmap to improve their people analytics capability.
  • Advised on the integration of HR data with financial dashboards to ensure the results were meaningful.

Evidence-based solutions to your HR problems

If you employ people, our services help you do it smarter at every stage of their life-cycle.
We improve the predictive HR insights of companies from the top of the ASX200 to start-ups.

Imagine being able to predict the future!

Whatever your stage of evolution, HRanalytics can move you from reporting to predictive analytics.

HR Consultants looking to partner?

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